Answers to Common Questions

How long will my bathroom take to renovate?

Every project is different. There are many varying factors in a bathroom renovation from the room’s size, shape, pre-existing problems and project scope.

A simple refresh could take as little as a weekend, while a full-scale renovation will require much more time.

It’s best to consult your builder or plumber to get an accurate estimate for your project timeline.


How much will my bathroom renovation cost?

Like timelines, your budget will depend heavily on the scope of your project.

The size of your bathroom, products and materials you choose, and number of people working on the job will determine the overall spend.

Be sure to save some money in reserve for changed plans and unexpected surprises.


Do I need to move out while I renovate my bathroom?

There may be a time that your bathroom is out of action. If you have more than one bathroom consider renovating one at a time.

Speak to your plumber or builder to understand if you need to look at alternative arrangements and how long for.


What can I DIY in my bathroom renovation?

We recommend leaving your bathroom renovation to the professionals.

Licensed tradespeople ensure regulations are met and keep your dream bathroom safe. Never DIY any electrical, structural or plumbing.

You may be able to assist your renovation team by coordinating things like deliveries and junk removal, as well as rolling up your sleeves at the end of the job to help with the clean up!


I have a small bathroom but would love to include a freestanding bath. How can I have it all?

Even the tiniest of bathrooms can enjoy a freestanding bath.

Consider a smaller version of tub that is deep but with a smaller footprint.

You can also save space by creating a wet zone by positioning the shower next to the bath.


How do I make my bathroom seem bigger than it is?

Tile can make a smaller space look larger with patterns and colors and tile types.

Vanities can provide storage which reduces clutter and mirrors can make smaller spaces appear to be larger.


I need to replace my toilet seat. How do I find the right one?

Toilet seats come in a number of shapes and sizes, so if you need to replace your toilet seat, be sure to measure the pan accurately.

You will need to know the measurements of the seat fixing points, back to front (inside), side to side (inside and outside), and from the centre of the fixing point hole to the front of the pan.


I don't want to move my plumbing. Can I still upgrade to a modern toilet?

For older homes or smaller bathroom updates that don’t require relocation of plumbing, you can still have the latest back to wall and rimless technology toilet suites, without having to move or change your existing bottom water inlet. A mini stop and hose may be required to complete the installation when retrofitting.


How much space should I leave around my bathroom fixtures and furniture?

Always work with your builder, designer or plumber to determine the floorplan and ensure that it caters for adequate clearance between your fixtures and furniture. This may vary based on personal preference as well as your local building regulations.