Royal Deco Single Flush Toilet One Pc

$729.99 $399.00

Features :   The elegance of a one piece toilet embodied in our Crown design. Its sleek curves and modern lines make it a centerpiece in any bathroom. 28.5"x27.7"x15.3" Water Use: Dual Flush 4/6Lpf (1.1/1.6Gpf) Flush System: Siphon jet 3”...

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Royal Duo Single One Piece Flush Toilet

$314.00 $159.00

This one-piece Crown Duo toilet is designed with the highest quality materials. The sharply modern and contemporary forms of the one-piece toilet. Features High-efficiency dual flush Nice glazed surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing...

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Royal Falls Dual Flush Toilet/ Tornado System

$584.00 $399.00

CROWN Ultra Toilets European Design   MEAURMENTS: 15"W x 28.5"L x 27.5"H High profile toilet with standard 12" rough-in. Fully Skirted Toilet for a modern look with easy cleaning Dual Flushing tornado flushing system, low consumption Large water...

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Royal White Single Hole Bidet

$699.00 $389.00

MEASUREMENTS: 24" X 15.4" X 15.2" Modern white ceramic bathroom bidet with an elongated seat Elongated bowl Chrome overflow trim Faucet not included Floor Mount Weight 68 pounds White Porcelain

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