Step In Bathtub 3060BL Series

$4,988.00 $4,489.00

The Meditub 3060BLI Step in Tub is uniquely designed to allow you to keep the existing layout of your bathroom.  It features an advanced watertight, walk-in tub door system for easy access. You can lie back and be fully immersed in a whirlpool...

Walk-In Bathtub 3238 Series

$7,040.00 $6,336.00

The Meditub 3238 is a beautiful 32x38 free standing compact walk-in bathtub that is enclosed on three sides. This walk-in bathtub is made to fit into an existing shower stall enclosure, a smaller bathroom or into a mobile home setting. It has a front...

Walk-In Bathtub 3260 Series

$7,370.00 $6,633.00

The Meditub 3260 is a uniquely designed reinforced fiberglass acrylic walk in tub with a side door. It allows for installation in small areas such as a shower stall, mobile home, closet or a laundry room. Enclosed on three sides, the free standing design...

Walk-In Bathtub 3660 Series

$7,810.00 $7,029.00

Basic Soaker Standard Features: Color: white Constructed of High Glass Fiberglass with Triple Gel Coat Finish Inward Door Swing Available in a Left or Right Door Side Max Capacity : 75 Gallons  Free-standing Stainless Steel support frame with...

Walk-In Bathtub 3140 Series

$9,130.00 $8,217.00

Basic Soaker Features: Available Colors: White Constructed of industrial strength acrylic Right side, Outward Door Swing Available in a Left or Right Door Side Max Capacity : 43 Gallons Free-standing stainless steel support frame with adjustable...