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Posted by Andrea Gomez Molano on 2021 Dec 21st

WhySo you might be thinking, why is a mood board necessary? Can't I just go in and get whatever matches the colors and call it a day?Well, you could do that, but there are several things a mood board can help you avoid, like going over budget, ruining your desired aesthetic. Creating a mood board can help you decide precisely the shape size and make you want your bathroom fixtures, saving you valuable time. There is a reason every designer starts… Read more

Posted by Andrea Gomez Molano on 2021 Dec 15th

Let's say you are turning a new chapter in your life, Or you are buying a tub for someone in this chapter already.A chapter that cannot involve slips in the shower or the tub—a chapter where a fall could end in a hip replacement or something even more dangerous.Here is what to consider when buying bathtubs for seniorsSizeNot just for comfort but for security, you need to find a bath that fits comfortably in your bathroom, but also it's spacious e… Read more

Posted by Andrea Gomez Molano on 2021 Dec 6th

So your bathroom looks like a 1950’s museum? You know it’s time for an upgrade, your partner knows it’s time for an upgrade, and your neighbor does too.Well it’s easy to make some mistakes when you are starting, and mistakes can be expensive. So here is a small guide on what not to do when you embark on this journey. Don’t Wing itOnly when in improv classes should you be winging stuff. So PLAN, PLAN & PLAN.Plan your:Desired design/ aesth… Read more
No one wants to take a cold shower or have high energy costs. The right hot water heater will provide your family with cost-effective and reliable hot water.Whether you've just taken that first unexpected cold shower or simply wish to reduce your energy bill, purchasing a new hot water tank is an important task.Follow these steps so you can leave the appliance guesswork and troubleshooting behind: Identify the fuel source.Choose a type of heater… Read more